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Although kids are sure to enjoy the colorful caper, it taps into the nostalgia 30- to 50-somethings have for a show that was leap years ahead of its time.


Perhaps the only woman to ever play lead guitar in an instrumental surf rock outfit, Susan SurfTone started playing guitar nearly 40 years ago. She gravitated toward surf music in the early ’90s, capitalizing on the renewed int...


No child left behind in Arthur Christmas

November 17, 2011

A truly festive and heartfelt film, it is also peppered with action and slapstick humor that will appeal to children of all ages.


Indie pop duo Tegan and Sara isn’t exactly the kind of act that you’d expect would sound much different live. So it’s a bit odd that the band opted to put out a live album. And yet, Get Along, which was recorded before a small ...


While certainly not as divisive as his previous film, 2009’s grotesquely violent Antichrist, Lars von Trier’s Melancholia is an exhausting meditation on depression and anxiety.


In the end, as much as anything, the film provides a significant lesson in American history, reminding of us the way the principles of freedom and equality have been compromised over the course of the last one hundred years.

Concert Recaps

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s American Music Masters Series is an annual event for which the museum assembles a cast of performers to pay tribute to one of its inductees. Past honorees have included Woody Guthrie, Hank Willi...


It takes too long to set up the heist and then once the guys start to pull it off, the film leaves several unanswered questions, which makes you think that some key scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.


A movie filled with sex, drugs, alcohol, intrigue, and pretty people shouldn’t leave an audience bored to distraction.