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The White Stripes – Live in Las Vegas Coming Out on Vinyl

The White Stripes Live in Las Vegas
The White Stripes Live in Las Vegas

Third Man Records announced the details of the 58th installment of its Vault series. The forthcoming release, The White Stripes – Live in Las Vegas, captures a 2003 Las Vegas set at the Joint (at the old Hard Rock Casino), all freshly remastered and pressed to red, white, and black vinyl. The set also includes a bonus 7” featuring Bob Dylan’s 2004 performance of perennial White Stripes favorite “Ball and Biscuit” featuring Jack White, and on the flip side, the first-ever performance of the track. All of this is accompanied by a patch, a bumper sticker, and art prints by The White Stripes’ frequent collaborator Rob Jones.  Sign up is open now through October 31.

In the midst of the run of shows in September 2003, a promotional idea was cooked up by the team at V2 Records – 40 or so fans would be flown out to the White Stripes show at the Joint (at the Hard Rock Casino) in Las Vegas, get a meet-and-greet with the band, and then receive a vinyl pressing of that evening’s show some time later. 

The original pressing is sparse, to say the least. With no printed artwork, tracklisting or even credits, “The White Stripes Live in Las Vegas” rubber-stamped on the labels is the only true identifier on this record. A dip through the original paperwork shows only 100 copies were ever pressed, all at United Record Pressing in Nashville.

In celebration of 20 years since the performance, the 58th Vault package from Third Man Records is the first-ever commercially available pressing of the White Stripes triple LP Live In Las Vegas.

Josh Hartnett, Steve Mcdonald, Darryl Hannah, Scott Caan and Josh Klinghoffer all attended the gig. Soledad Brothers and Whirlwind Heat opened. The White Stripes set included an off-the-cuff take of Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away” and a tease of “Mary Had A Little Lamb.”

For the reissued, the band returned to the original multitracks for a complete remixing and remastering done by Bill Skibbe at Third Man Mastering in Nashville. These discs are pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Third Man Pressing in Detroit, in the unmistakable red, white, and black colorways we know and love from the Stripes.

The set includes artwork by Grammy Award-winning designer Rob Jones.


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