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Brent is a designer, filmmaker and musician who enjoys, supports and promotes the local arts and music scene.


Jeff started writing about rock ’n’ roll some 20 years ago when he stood in the pouring rain to hitch hike his way to see R.E.M. on their Life’s Rich Pageant tour. Since that time, he's written for various daily newspapers, alt-weeklies, magazines and websites. Feel free to comment on his posts or suggest music, film and art to him at jeff@whopperjaw.net.


In 2011, Jim had been to 49 states. Arkansas never seemed to be on his way to somewhere he wanted to go. He planned a diversion to the Daisy Airgun Museum in Rogers, Arkansas to visit his 50th state. He’s also had shave ice at Matsumoto’s, visited the World’s Largest Ball of Twine and ate whale blubber in Barrow, Alaska. He has forgotten what his own handwriting looks like.


Kevin has been drinking and brewing beer for more than 20 years, and enjoys re-capping the interesting craft and microbrews that find their way into his glass. Feel free to contact him at kevin@whopperjaw.net to talk favorites, but hold back on the technical questions – he sees himself as more of a beer nerd than a beer expert.


Mark Woodlief wrote for the cool '90s magazines that didn't make it – Option, Raygun, Warp, The (Seattle) Rocket, CMJ – plus some daily and weekly newspapers, too. Seeing all the great bands – Mission of Burma, Husker Du, Volcano Suns, Flaming Lips, Wire, the dBs, the Feelies, Patti Smith, ad infinitum – he has seen has left him Whopperjawed.


Matt Wardlaw's enthusiasm for music seems to know no bounds. In addition to Whopperjaw, you may have seen his name pop up in the Riverfront Times, Popdose, Cleveland Scene, Ultimate Classic Rock, Blogcritics and other entertainment-focused pubs. And yet he still has time for his own Addicted to Vinyl site, where he blogs about music he loves and things that he hates because, as Matt says, he's "equal opportunity like that."


Sam is live-music -loving vegetarian communications professional with an entertainment, travel and tourism background. A restless soul, Sam believes in getting out there and doing things because you only go around once but knows she could benefit from a little more sleep. Give her a reason to see a movie, catch a concert or explore a new destination at sam@whopperjaw.net.