Posted March 24, 2020 by Jeff in Tunes

Brendan Benson Streaming Daily Live Performances

Brendan Benson 4:20 Streams
Brendan Benson 4:20 Streams

Singer-songwriter Brendan Benson, who regularly collaborates with Jack White in the Raconteurs, just announced Boy in a Bubble, a daily series of live-streamed solo performances beginning today at 4:20pm CT on his Instagram. Benson will perform one song per day and will premiere material from his upcoming album, Dear Life

According to a press release, Dear Life is Benson’s most inventive and upbeat work thus far” and embraces a “more modernist approach.” Benson produced the album himself, played almost all the instruments and cut it at his own Readymade Studio in Nashville. The moody single “Good to Be Alive” features synthesizer bleeps and blips and embraces a decidedly funky groove, while a spirited horn section drives “Richest Man,” a tune about embracing fatherhood. 

“It’s eerily quiet out there!” Benson says in a press release about his virtual tour. “Tune in, and turn on with me, everyday at 4:20pm CT, I’ll be singing a song from my repertoire to try to alleviate the doldrums. Live from my bubble on the beach!”

In the wake of COVID-19 concerns, Benson has canceled headline U.S. tour dates, but rescheduled dates will be announced soon.