Posted March 4, 2021 by Jeff in Tunes

Elizabeth & the Catapult Explores ‘Depths of Shared Humanity’ on New Album

Elizabeth and the Catapult
Elizabeth and the Catapult

Indie rockers Elizabeth & the Catapult are releasing their latest effort, sincerely, e, on March 5 via Compass Records. In advance of that release, the band has just issued the quirky animated video for “thirsty.” 

“I purposefully paired the words ‘worthy’ and ‘thirsty’ — seemingly loaded with shame about having those feelings — but ending with empowerment on top, seductively whispering my angsty, carnal desires in refrain: ‘I’m still thirsty, I’m still thirsty, I’m still thirsty,'” says band leader Elizabeth Ziman in a statement. 

According to press materials, sincerely, e was born out of a need during the pandemic shut down to cope with the breakdown of communication. The songs feature intimate piano solos and live recordings alongside fully produced tracks with lush sounds that capture Ziman’s film scoring and composition talents. 

This collection of songs was conceived and recorded in Ziman’s living room as a way to try and reach beyond the isolated bubble of her home to connect with others during quarantine. Producing tracks from her home provided new opportunities to work remotely with talented friends, and the decision to explore rhythm without percussion enabled her lyrics to properly breathe. 

The album also serves as a personal reckoning with solitude, helping her explore new layers of herself. This juxtaposition — the anxiety of loneliness coupled with over stimulation, chaos and the urgency of numerous global crises converging — can be seen in the songs.

“Ultimately, this album is truly my love letter to you — for folks who can’t look away from the issues facing humanity and for folks who need an escape into the depths of our shared humanity,” says Ziman.

Album art by Wendy Mark