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Five Reasons We’re Happy Entourage is Finally Over

We got hooked on HBO’s Entourage seven years ago when it premiered on HBO. In that time, however, the show’s original impulse – to parody Hollywood and all the bullshit that goes on behind the scenes – has dissipated. But in the last two seasons, there’s little separating the program about movie star-on-the-rise Vincent Chase and his almost-but-not-quite-likable crew from a soap opera. The finale, which just aired tonight, was a huge disappointment and symbolic of the way in which the show had lost its luster. In the finale, playboy movie star Vince suddenly jetted off to Paris to get married to seemingly disinterested and “serious” journalist Sophia Lear, Ari abandoned empire-building and quit his job to win back his wife, and E desperately tried to get back together with his ex-girlfriend Sloan, who announced she was pregnant with his child. The series went soft, we’re happy it’s finally over and we secretly hope the movie never gets made.

Nobody asked us, but here are five reasons why:

  • As much as we like Jane’s Addiction, our enthusiasm for the opening credits that use their song “Superhero” was waning.
  • The show’s creators ditched cool director cameos by greats like Martin Scorcese and Gus Van Sant in favor of repeat appearances by porn star Sasha Grey and “funnyman” Andrew Dice Clay.
  • The ensemble show that was a somewhat interesting behind-the-scenes Hollywood satire and a tale of male camaraderie transformed into individual trials and tribulations from drug addiction and bitter breakups to launching a tequila empire.
  • The acting, with the notable exceptions of Jeremy Piven (as power agent Ari Gold), and more minor characters Rex Lee (Lloyd), Beverly D’Angelo (Babs) and Gary Cole (Andrew), rivaled that of Gossip Girl. E’s bland delivery made a ½-hour episode feel like a mini-series.
  •  How long can you really sustain interest a bromance among five somewhat shallow douchebags?

So Turtle’s skinny, Drama’s gainfully employed, E’s an overly serious baby daddy and Vince is getting hitched to someone with whom he had no chemistry. As always, the boys from Queens will be just fine and we’ll get a few wasted hours of our life back which we would rather use to watch the final season of Eastbound and Down.


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