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Girl Talk and Bas Team Up on Noisy New Single

Girl Talk photo by Joey Kennedy
Girl Talk photo by Joey Kennedy

Girl Talk, aka Pittsburgh-based producer Gregg Gillis, and rapper Bas just released a new single, Fallin’.” Their second collaborative track following “Outta Pocket” for Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers III, “Fallin’” uses layered synths, skittering hi-hats, and 808s to capture the haze of a late night drive. Bas’s rapid-fire deliver even includes a woozy screwed-and-chopped breakdown.

“Bas came on my radar with his ‘Too High to Riot’ project in 2016,” says Gillis in a press release. “I was really into his range.  He’s a technical rapper who also has an amazing melodic sense.  It’s kind of difficult to define his style, which is something I always admire. When we connected, I had a wide variety of beats ready for him. This was the first one that I played, and he was off and running! There were a couple different tangential parts where he completely switched up the style of his vocals. For those sections, we ended up re-doing some of the arrangements and production on the spot. The whole thing came together quickly!”
Basfirst saw Girl Talk at Catalpa Music Festival in New York. He was immediately impressed. 

I said, ‘Who’s this dude that’s blasting toilet paper everywhere?’” says Bas. “But he had the festival rocking, and it was my favorite set of the weekend. I started following him over the years and thought he was great but didn’t know he was also a producer too. Fast-forward, we ended up linking up and he had BANGERS. We had great chemistry and started making songs instantly. This experience has been a real fiend full circle story! Really excited to share this record with the world!”

“Fallin’” follows Girl Talk’s production of G Perico’s latest single, Toolie,” and a group collaboration between Smoke DZA, Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T., and Curren$y, “Santos House Party.”
In addition, the Illegal Art imprint also just announced its first-ever vinyl pressing of Girl Talk’s 2008 album Feed the Animals as well as 2010’s All Day, available to purchase here.

Photo Credit: Joey Kennedy