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Larkin Poe Keeps the Music Going for Fans and Charity

Larkin Poe
Larkin Poe

A few years ago, singer-guitarist Rebecca Lovell and singer-lap steel guitarist Megan Lovell had some success with their bluegrass band the Lovell Sisters, but when their elder sister Jessica decided to “phase out of music” and leave the group, they shifted musical directions and rechristened their blues rock band Larkin Poe. 

The band’s had some good success (it was nominated for a Grammy in 2018), and now, in advance of the release of Self Made Man, a new album due out in June, the group has announced a new livestream series

“We’ve had to postpone concerts, but we don’t want the music to stop,” says the group in a statement. “This livestream series is our way of keeping the music going, from our home sweet home to yours. A portion of proceeds will be going to United Way Nashville, to help our community with the double effects of the recent tornado and current Coronavirus pandemic. If you can’t watch the show live, your ticket purchase will allow you to watch it anytime later!”

Dubbed Home Sweet Home, the series kicked off on April 18 with a Best Of program and concludes on June 6 with a “requests” show. 

Earlier this year Larkin Poe announced the arrival of their newest album Self Made Man, due out on June 12 and available for pre-order now. According to a press release, the album finds the duo pushing its music and message towards “hitherto unexplored terrain.” Songs like the gothic gospel “Holy Ghost Fire” manifest a “key aspect of the Southern tradition,” presenting a “sense of celebration and renewal amid the common struggles of existence and offering a way to move through trying circumstances.”

The duo self-produced the album with “good buddy and engineer” Roger Alan Nichols at his Nashville studio, Bell Tone Recording.

“This is, in a lot of ways, is the first lyrically uplifting record we’ve made,” Megan Lowell says. “People can go through terrible things. People can weather immeasurable sorrow and hard times, and yet we can still come out on the other side, pull ourselves together, and thrive. This record reflects some of the joy and positivity that we ourselves feel and appreciate.”


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