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Lollapalooza Day 3: Sunday Muddy Sunday

Lollapalooza Sunday was all about the mud. Afternoon rain turned the grounds into a big mess and fans traipsing through the fields often lost flip-flops and sandals in the process. In the early afternoon, we caught a great set from Trombone Shorty, who tore it up with some help from his terrific band. Shifting between trombone and vocals, he sang and swang before a huge crowd of several thousand, introducing himself by saying, “I am Trombone Shorty from the great city of New Orleans. Who dat?” We also stopped by the kids’ stage where the Q Brothers free-styled their own lyrics to songs such as “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side.” The Frames singer-guitarist Glen Hansard then played a short three-song youth set that opened with a dreary ballad but finished strong with a funny song about a banana. The Avett Brothers played as the rain started but that didn’t deter the audience’s enthusiasm for the group. When the group finished up its set with “I and Love and You,” it had patrons singing in the rain. (Hansard played a longer show for adults later in the day.) Headliners Kings of Leon drew a huge crowd and premiered their new light show that added a psychedelic element to their Southern rock harmonies. On the other side of Grant Park, dubstep DJ Skrillex had his own impressive light show going and performed in front of a massive crowd. 

Here are a few pics from Day 3:

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