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British director Rupert Sanders’ film is visually stunning as it uses computer-generated graphics to depict the wicked ways of an evil queen, but it’s got little else going for it.

A well-paced romantic comedy typically careens rapidly to a conclusion in which the two lovers put aside their differences and live happily ever after. The Five-Year Engagement doesn’t adhere to that formula and that’s not such...


‘Wanderlust’ is a bust

February 27, 2012

We spent most of Wanderlust wishing the long, strange trip would come to a quick conclusion.

If it weren’t for such a great performance by Denzel Washington, who plays a tough-as-nails rogue CIA agent, 'Safe House' would be an average espionage thriller.


‘Big Miracle’ is a whale of a story

February 4, 2012

While this feel-good film isn’t going to be a big draw at the box office, it’s got a good message that shouldn’t go unheard.

It takes too long to set up the heist and then once the guys start to pull it off, the film leaves several unanswered questions, which makes you think that some key scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.