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Rolling Stones Music Masters Tribute Concert

Nils Lofgren at Music Masters
Nils Lofgren at Music Masters

Whopperjaw HQ is in Cleveland, which is also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That’s why we’ve been lucky enough to attend the Museum’s annual Music Masters over the last several years. A week of events spotlighting “the lives and careers of artists who changed the shape and sound of popular music” culminates in a celebratory tribute concert. This year the audience was more vocal then usual–yelling out songs, clapping for rare video performances and spontaneously singing along with choruses.

Although artists like Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Soul Asylum’s Dave Pirner, X-Pensive Winos’¬†‘Waddy Wachtel, Drive-By Truckers’ Patterson Hood and The E Street Band’s Nils Lofgren were ¬†definitely a draw, it was the Rolling Stones’ half century of great tunes that kept the enthusiastic crowd singing and dancing.

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It was definitely a party (with one helluva soundtrack). The only things missing were the guests of honor. In past years, living artists (Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Les Paul, Aretha Franklin, to name a few) took the “This Is Your Life” honor and the stage in-person. Rolling Stones fans know all too well though that they can’t always get what they want. ¬† See the rest of our pics here.