Posted April 8, 2020 by Jeff in Tunes

Rachael Sage Launches ‘Stay in with Sage’ Series

Rachel Sage
Rachel Sage

New York City-based indie artist Rachael Sage announced the launch of twice-weekly regular Facebook livestreams in place of touring. Dubbed Stay in with Sage (#stayinwithsage), the sessions will find Sage performing and conversing. 

Sage was in the middle of a tour with ’80s icon Howard Jones when the coronavirus pandemic began to unfold.

“I’ve done a few of these virtual concerts now, and I have quickly determined just how powerful it can be to ‘show up’ in this way,” Sage says in a statement. “I’m a musician, an entertainer and even a bit of a comedian . . . but I was wondering if it was appropriate to share these abilities right now with so much fear and suffering in our midst. I came to the conclusion fairly quickly that it’s not only appropriate but vital. I want these livestreams to celebrate joy, our collective humanity and to be a safe place where anyone can drop in, listen and relax.”

A recent cancer survivor, Sage hopes that material from her current album can also serve as a kind of encouragement to anyone facing “the demons of their own doubt, fear, confusion or depression.” 

“You name it, I felt it, and cancer doesn’t give a damn whether you’re the kind of person who would really rather not ‘go there’,” she says. “But really, I do hope that this music I composed during an especially challenging time can be a kind of springboard for more hopeful emotions and ideas.”

I want to give back, give love, give virtual hugs. . . and it’s the best way I know how to do that right now.

Sage will divide the series into two types of events. Wednesdays (8pm Eastern) will be for “kibitizing” and will feature stories about her songs, poetry readings, improvisation and answers to Q&As from her fans. Sundays (6pm EST) will feature music performed by Sage on piano and guitar. She will also explore timely themes such as renewal (for Passover) and take song requests via social media.

Additionally, Sage will be encouraging listeners to donate to those in need via a charity highlighted during her livestreams, beginning with God’s Love We Deliver, an organization that delivers meals to people in New York who are too sick to cook for themselves. She intends to rotate charitable beneficiaries every two weeks.


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