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Sir Woman Combines New and Old School Sounds

Sir Woman Photo credit: Barbara FG
Sir Woman Photo credit: Barbara FG

Austin-based singer and Wild Child co-founder Kelsey Wilson will make her debut solo as Sir Woman with her Bitch EP will arrive October 16, 2020 via Nine Mile Records. She’s just released two of the EP’s singles — the breezy “Highroad” and the sultry “Can’t Stay Mad.” 

“‘Can’t Stay Mad’ is all about warmth, sensuality and humor, “says Wilson in a statement. “We laced it with string and horn arrangements to rival the classics of ’70s disco. We wanted to combine new and old school so that it feels like it’s from the future, but it’s always been around.”

Since embarking on her solo project in 2019, Wilson has performed a Pop-Up Session with KUTX and shared numerous covers and music videos, including a lockdown inspired, crowd-sourced video for “Making Love.” The soulful, confident, groove-infused tunes have already struck a chord with listeners, earning the award for “Best New Band” at the Austin Music Awards this past March.

Sir Woman, Austin Music Award’s Best New Act of 2020, was primed to hit the road promoting its much-anticipated debut album, Party City, when the world changed. With fewer reasons to celebrate, Wilson (Wild Child, Glorietta) ditched the party vibe she planned for her maiden, solo debut in favor of a “more aptly titled record for troubled times.” 

Wilson’s backing band — drummer Amber Baker and back-up singers Spice and Roy Jr. — were joined on the album by guitarist Nik Lee and multi-instrumentalist Dan Creamer of the Texas Gentlemen and critically acclaimed country-pop artist Robert Ellis. 

“This EP is me finding what makes me feel good and falling in love with myself,” says Wilson. “It feels so right to make a record that has my actual heart in it. These songs are the part of me that wants to help people fall in love with themselves through music. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Sir Woman is set to celebrate the EP’s release with an Oct. 23 livestream performance from Austin. 

Photo credit: Barbara FG


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