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Tokyo Police Club Digs into Archives for ‘Champ’ Reissue

Tokyo Police Club
Tokyo Police Club

Canadian-based indie rock act Tokyo Police Club is releasing the 10th anniversary edition of its sophomore album, Champ, on March 5 via Mom + Pop(US/Mex./Aus.), Dine Alone(Can.) and Memphis Industries(UK/EU). 

In conjunction with the announcement, the band has released Hundred Dollar Day,” a never-before-heard track from the album’s sessions with producer Rob Schnapf, and issued a video made up of archival footage. The single will be included in the Champ reissue on 7-inch vinyl b/w an acoustic version of the album track “Bambi.”

 “One nice thing about revisiting something ten years after the fact is that you at least have a shot at some perspective,” says guitarist/keyboardist Graham Wright in a statement. “I’m sure that at the time, 23 years old and stressing over our big swing second record, all the hours we spent agonizing over whether or not to put ‘Hundred Dollar Day’ on the record seemed very good and important. But, of course, now I forget about all of it, and I just hear a damn cool song that brings me happily back to a hell of a time in my life. But then again, if we’d put the song on the record in the first place, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it right now. So maybe we were on to something after all.”

In addition to “Hundred Dollar Day” the digital deluxe edition will feature a brand new remixof “Gone” by Matt & Kimalong with b-sides, demos, and remixes by Andy Rourke of The Smiths, Passion Pitand more.


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