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Released right when Republication presidential candidates are gearing up for the primaries for the 2012 election, The Ides of March is certainly a relevant and timely film, even if it’s actually based the 2008 play Farragut Nor...


A low budget flick that’s been making the festival rounds all year before coming out this weekend in limited release at only 30 theaters nationwide, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a campy horror flick that benefits from never ta...


Friends since high school, Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Kyle (Seth Rogen) lead pretty average lives. They work together at the Seattle public radio station and struggle, as many single guys in their mid-twenties do, with kee...


Brides Maids (Blu-Ray 2011)

September 23, 2011

Women are loyal, that’s why they agree to be maids of honor even though the experience is always expensive and rarely much fun. Failed cake shop owner Annie (Kristen Wiig) is broke and pretty miserable when her best friend, Lil...

TV Reviews

We got hooked on HBO’s Entourage seven years ago when it premiered on HBO. In that time, however, the show’s original impulse – to parody Hollywood and all the bullshit that goes on behind the scenes – has dissipated. But in th...


The Debt

September 6, 2011

British director John Madden (Ethan Frome, Mrs. Brown, Proof) has a long history of making great period pieces. He was even nominated for an Oscar for 1998’s Shakespeare in Love. With The Debt, a remake of a 2007 Israeli film o...


Our Idiot Brother

September 1, 2011

You might not guess it from the title, but Our Idiot Brother is a little more drama than comedy. The film stars Paul Rudd as Ned, a nice enough guy whose naiveté tends to get him into trouble. One day, while peddling his organi...


Paul (2011): Get your own alien

August 15, 2011

Paul came out on DVD last week and we snapped up a copy. Although this adventure wasn’t directed by their usual partner, Edgar Wright, so far anything with Shaun of the Dead’s Simon Pegg and Nick Frost—from the television...