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Solo Debut From Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton Exudes Positivity

Eric Hilton Photo: AliZare
Eric Hilton Photo: AliZare

Eric Hilton, one half of the duo Thievery Corporation, has just announced that he’ll release, Infinite Everywhere, his solo debut, on June 19.

According to a press release about the album, it’s “more distilled, focused and personal” than Thievery Corporation’s offerings and presents itself as “an elegant exploration of inner space.” 

Infinite Everywhere is an introduction,” says Hilton in a press release. “The last 25 years of my creative output have been about Thievery Corporation. I dearly love my brethren, Rob [Garza], and although that project isn’t necessarily done, my solo stuff is what the next 25 years are about.” 

Recorded at the Winter Palace in Washington, DC, Infinite Everywhere and predates the current global crisis but is remarkably prescient. And while Hilton has incorporated exotic musical ingredients from diverse cultures on his previous work with Thievery Corporation, this album is decidedly more European in feel. 

“I’m kind of the drum and bass guy in Thievery and I’ve never been much of a player of melodic instruments,“ Hilton says. “I’ve always been a bit of studio rat, but I’ve found I really enjoy making music on my own — late-night with just me and a keyboard, I’m kind of hooked on that. On this record, I played nearly every instrument, which I’ve never done before. This album is me challenging myself to play more. When you’re making music, you have a responsibility to contribute to music in general — to try to express a unique thought, which is very difficult. I want every record I’m involved with to be beautiful, with empowering vibrations that recognize the spectrum of emotions.”

I don’t entertain defeatism, and I will always gravitate to positivity and perseverance. Hopefully, people get that feeling when they listen to this record.

Infinite Everywhere is the first of several albums that Hilton plans to release this year via his newly minted Montserrat House imprint. The label has recently released Carry Me Home, a reggae tribute to Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson by DC reggae band the Archives. Hilton served as co-producer on the album with Archives founder Darryl “Trane” Burke.

Eric Hilton Photo: AliZare


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