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The Buckleys are on a Global Virtual Tour

The Buckleys photo by Francisco Tavoni
The Buckleys photo by Francisco Tavoni
Earlier this month, the Byron Bay, Australian-based alt-country trio the Buckleys launched their first North American virtual tour and played to more than 370,000 fans during the course of four “virtual tour dates.”

Now, the Buckleys are headed to South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, virtually crisscrossing the globe until their final show streams in across Australia and New Zealand.
Petrol Records head CM Murphy worked in conjunction with they band’s U.S. label UMe and Live Nation for tour.

Hitting nearly every region of North America, including New York, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles and Toronto, the Buckleys recreated the personalized “live” experience.
The North American leg saw the band perform four different sets for each of the four different tour dates through Live Nation’s newly launched Live From Home platform which also streamed across Live Nation and House of Blues’ regional social media channels and was made available on the band’s YouTube channel post-livestream.
“This Virtual Tour introduced the Buckleys to North America, and they won the hearts of fans from Los Angeles to New York, Toronto to Washington,” says CM Murphy, Petrol Records founder and Chairman in a statement. “Live Nation and UMe have been incredible partners and they know how important it is to give artists a chance to play and audiences a chance to discover, especially during this incredibly difficult time in the world where music remains a vital part in connecting people.”
The band plans to perform six different sets for the six different regions, all streamed through Live Nation’s local affiliates in each of the participating countries.
The band’s current single, “Money” represents the group’s first worldwide release and embodies the band’s brand of “hippie country.” The trio is only the second signing to Petrol Records since CM Murphy signed award-winning siblings and band of brothers, INXS, in 2009.

Photo: Francisco Tavoni