Posted January 19, 2021 by Jeff in Eats & Drinks

Ruth, Tiffany & Monica Explore the Craft in Beer’d Broads

The folks behind In Hops We Trust, a YouTube docu-series and app exploring the world of craft brewing just officially announced the launch of Beer’d Broads, a series hosted by IHWT lead producer and co-creator, Ruth Jozwiak. Each episode looks to “offer educational points to understand beer better and prove that it is far from being just a ‘man’s drink.’” 

Co-hosts Monica Galarza and Tiffany Tam join Jozwiak each week. The trio talks about stouts on the first episode.

“As a former non-beer drinker who finally developed a bit of a palette, I’m having so much fun exploring and learning about the world of craft beer with my best Broads!’ says Galarza in a press release. “Expanding my hops horizons is a wonderful experience, from discovering the delicious world of sours and goses (…my favorite so far), to learning about the different types of hops and brewing styles that create all different flavor profiles, to discussing impressions of the creative and unique names and art for each individual brewery and brew.”

I look forward to diving deeper and sharing my (un)professional female perspective with other beer enthusiasts!


“As an avid craft beer lover for the last few years, nothing is better than discovering a new beer or flavor with friends and good times!” says Tam. “From flights, to pints, to bottles or cans, Beer-d Broads has been an awesome experience with some of the best people I’ve ever known! Drawn to the IPAs but never against trying anything tasty or learning more about the hops! Now isn’t that what life is about? Having the beer-y grand adventure!”

The brainchild of Chris Kindred, Jozwiak and Ralph Saro Jr., In Hops We Trust began as one for beer tourism, before morphing into a combination celebrating a love of beer, the art of the craft and the economy behind the multi-million-dollar industry that employs tens-of-thousands of Americans across the country.

In Hops We Trust looks to explore not only the variations in the processes of beer brewing, the people behind the process and the passion they put into being brewers but also the enthusiasm of beer lovers to hunt and discover breweries both locally and around the world.