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Three Floyds Alpha King APA & BrooDoo IPA: 2 awesomely hoppy beers from Munster, IN

Three Floyds Alpha King APA & BrooDoo IPA
Three Floyds Alpha King APA & BrooDoo IPA

I’ve been a big fan of Alpha King American Pale Ale from Three Floyds for several months now. It is a big beer as far as APAs go, ringing in at 6.5% alcohol and 66 IBUs. It actually drinks a bit like an IPA, with huge citrus presence that balances with a crisp malt character and a sweet finish that subtly reminds you that you are drinking a Pale Ale. I enjoyed this brew for the first time at the Munster, Indiana tasting room earlier this year. With good food, knowledgeable bar staff and truly top-notch beer, I consider Three Floyds a mandatory stop for beer lovers that find themselves in the Chicagoland area for any length of time.

After enjoying a brewery-fresh Alpha King, I spotted what I consider its evil cousin:  The BrooDoo IPA. It sits right at 7% alcohol and registers an 80 on the IBU scale. A wet-hopped IPA, it has huge hop complexity and aroma, with lots of citrus, grass and pine in the nose. This immense hop character gives way to a solid malty backbone that finishes with a sweet and nutty profile. The finish is so polite that you might forget you’re drinking an IPA.

While both of these brews faithfully serve their purpose in the Three Floyds’ lineup, I do feel they blur the lines a bit between aggressive Pale Ales and tame IPAs. No matter, both are fantastic. BrooDoo is a seasonal brew, so you may be lucky enough to nab some of the last of this year’s run.  No worries if you can’t though—it’ll be back in the lineup next fall. In the meantime grab try an Alpha King Pale Ale. It’s a great beer and a reminder of just how complex and interesting an APA can be.

I have noticed in the last year or so that my local bars are stocking a deeper selection of Three Floyds beers both in bottles and on tap.  I’m glad to see their distribution network gaining speed.  They really do make some fine beers over there.




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