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Uinta Duhbe: An Imperial Black IPA brewed with hemp seed

Uinta Dubhe
Uinta Dubhe

Uinta Duhbe is the best hemp-infused Imperial Black IPA I’ve had.  Not just because it’s the only hemp-infused Imperial Black IPA I’ve had, but because it’s awesome.  This is one far out brew.  It is important to note the pronunciation of this one:  doo-bee.  Salt Lake City’s Uinta Brewing will tell you they named it after a star.  I think we all know the real reason they picked that name.

Seemingly new on the scene, Uinta Brewing Company appears to have somewhat recently established a good distribution network.  Here in Ohio a selection of their beers can be found at specialty beer stores and grocery stores alike.  This brewery cranks out some fantastic offerings that include a few good IPAs, a Pumpkin beer and a host of summer beers.  But this isn’t about them, it’s about the Duhbe.

Okay, let’s talk about how and why this here beer is one “far out” brew.  Black IPAs are difficult to get right.  It’s relatively easy to get the proper bitterness and the proper color, but very few get the appropriate balance of malty body, crisp finish and mild roasted malt.  This one really nails it.  It pours very dark copper with a sticky tan head that clings to the glass.  The nose is a fascinating blend of soft coffee, dark fruits and citrusy northwest hops.  The complexity of the nose downplays the brew’s lofty 9.2% alcohol content.

These first impressions really raise the expectations and the palate does not disappoint.  While the beer is full of body, it is still true to the IPA style.  Huge amounts of piney hop flavors mix with creamy malt texture.  Duhbe delivers big flavor but remains crisp with no lingering sweetness or bitterness that could ruin the experience.  The finish is dry with little aftertaste.  It all wraps up cleanly and quickly as you would expect an IPA to do.  The alcohol warmth remains as a side note to the flavors of this beer, so remember to enjoy these sparingly.

My limited home brewing experience tells me that Uinta really pulled off a difficult balance here, and I’m betting this one is the result of many test batches and tweaking.  I’m glad they perfected this recipe. It has become a regular resident of my refrigerator.



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